Thursday, March 29, 2012

Getting Started

Hi! I am pretty excited about starting this blog, finally. Actually, I am starting it for the second time today since my whole first post got deleted since I am not sure how to do this yet. :) So, what I had said was that besides being excited, is that I am also apprehensive. I think I said I was very apprehensive. Mostly, I just want this blog to be cohesive and organized enough to make sense to anyone who stumbles upon it. My mind and my life are somewhat randomly organized- or disorganized, and I'd like for the blog not to bear the same characteristics. Nuff said on that subject.

The name I chose for this endeavor is sort of my "handle." (I have an Etsy shop of the same name where I sell a few odds and ends and of course, under the same name, I BUY a lot!) I live out in the country in Central/Western Maryland. I view it as Western Maryland because we live on the western side of the first ridge of mountains that you come to as you travel west on I-70. My bff, aka Gar, and I moved here after our kids were out of high school and we had no need to do the subdivision life thing anymore. That was enjoyable enough, but life evolves and it led us here. I love taking pics of our property and the view we have of the valley that lies to the west. It's a tight little valley with patchwork farmland, a country church that plays music on the quarter hour and most days, it provides us with very excellent sunsets. It's a wonderful life- full of gardening, mowing, trees, flowers, animals and what I call KNAB. That stands for "keeping nature at bay." That nature includes, deer, raccoons, the occasional bear, turkeys and the like. It also includes mile a minute weed, invasive wild grapevines, wild raspberry and blackberry bushes and bittersweet. I never realized that living in a "natural setting" could be more work than having a manicured lawn in a subdivision! But, my husband, who is retired, works hard at keeping things in hand, both in the house and out. I am so blessed to have him in my life for the past 30+ years.

I am an avid reader in blogland. I read all kinds, but the kind I enjoy and appreciate the most are the ones where the bloggers share their ideas, their projects and tutorials, and sometimes, their souls. My hope is that I can add, however little, to the vast world known as blogdom. Hopefully, someone will learn a little, get an idea, have a thought provoked and maybe even smile as a result of visiting here.

So, welcome! I hope I prove worthy of your continued interest. And, please, if you comment, feel free to leave your blog info so I and any readers can visit you, too. 


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  2. Well I'd say you're off to a great start. That view is stunning! Makes me miss 'home' (almost). Certainly makes me miss the mountains-- it's really flat around here. Cant wait until the day we own enough land to have to KNAB :).

    Our adventures in DIY home remodeling chock full of pics and my attempts at humor. I hope anyone who is interested stops by to read about our latest adventure