Friday, April 6, 2012


I made a decision in the way I was going to live my life 25+ years ago after purchasing a gorgeous, well-made, all oak bed with spindles that I was totally in loooooove with. Before I owned it. Once we saved enough money or decided to use our whole tax refund (I can't remember which it was), we drove to Chadd's Ford, PA and bought it. 
Short story short, it wasn't long before the lustre began to fade and I found myself covetously drooling over a simple, four post/pencil post bed from the same company, Hunt Country Furniture.

 Gar basically told me I would have the bed we bought for the rest of my life. Okaaaay, already!

It's never enough, is it? If we allow ourselves to, we can make certain that we will never be happy with what we have and we will never have enough. I didn't like that feeling and it made me feel foolish and shallow. So, that was just me. I realize that some people look at the way I felt, and the attitude that I decided to adopt, in a different way. These folks don't believe in "settling." They think you should keep striving until you have it all and/or have the best. But, in my head, I knew that if I stayed on that journey of "wanting stuff," my life would be miserable; I would be ungrateful and discontented always.

So I stopped longing about houses that I would never have and places I would never see. But, every once in awhile I see something that makes me just a little wistful, wishing just a wee bit and knowing I will never have it.

You see, I saw this child's room in a magazine called Homes by Design. It's sort of a style magazine, but it can only be sent out to clients by people in the real estate business. You can't buy it on the newstand. So I searched and searched to find their website, because I know I wanted to put it on Pinterest and I wanted to be able to attribute it to someone or some company. I found out that it is in the April/May issue of this magazine in a story called "Detail Oriented" and which was photographed by Phillip Ennis Photography. It's published by By Design Publishing.

And now, for the room that took me back to my drooling, dreaming, wishing and wanting days. It's a beaut.

I showed this picture to the Doodle and she said, "Grammy Sue, Avery wants to go in there."  The kid definitely has good taste.  ;)

PS- I haven't been on that furniture company's website in several years. But I had to show you this - look what they have now! Is it the best of both worlds? Enh~ See- it's never enough even when it's both!

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  1. I want to live in that room with Avery. I always refer to it as "a bad case of the gimmes." Nice post!